16-12B-1    Temporary transfer of magistrate judge--Powers and duties.

16-12B-1.1    Number of magistrate judges.

16-12B-1.2    Certification and information on nominees for magistrate judge--Approval by Supreme Court.

16-12B-1.3    Term of magistrate judges--Removal.

16-12B-2    Service as magistrate by retired justice or judge--Effect of acts--Expenses.

16-12B-3    Authority to solemnize marriages--Fees.

16-12B-4    Authority to administer oaths, etc..

16-12B-5    Jurisdiction to issue summonses, warrants.

16-12B-6    Right to counsel in magistrate court.

16-12B-7    Jurisdiction--Bonds and personal recognizance.

16-12B-8    Jurisdiction--Acceptance of defaults and trial of certain petty offenses--Acceptance of pleas--Sentencing.

16-12B-9    Jurisdiction--Forfeiture of appearance bonds.

16-12B-10    Jurisdiction--Committal.

16-12B-11    Jurisdiction--Trial of minor criminal cases.

16-12B-12    Jurisdiction--Small claim proceedings.

16-12B-13    Jurisdiction--Limitations.

16-12B-14    Jurisdiction--Mental illness cases.

16-12B-14.1    Jurisdiction--Adult probationary drug court program.

16-12B-15    Record of proceedings in magistrate court--Stenographic record--Costs--Appeal.

16-12B-16    Right of appeal to circuit court.

16-12B-17    Practice of law by magistrates.

16-12B-18    Court practice prohibited to full-time magistrates.