01    Definitions And General Provisions

02    Remedies Other Than Criminal Prosecution

03    Parties To Crimes

04    Attempts To Commit Crime

04A    Solicitation

05    Defenses

06    Authorized Punishments

07    Habitual Offenders

08    Terrorism

09    Misuse Of Flags

10    Riot And Unlawful Assembly

10A    Street Gang Activity

11    Obstruction Of The Administration Of Government

11A    Escape

12    Abuse Of Judicial Process

12A    Improprieties And Bribery In Public Office

13    Breach Of The Peace

14    Unlawful Use Of Weapons

14A    Explosives And Destructive Devices

15    Dueling [Repealed]

16    Homicide And Suicide

17    Unauthorized Abortion

18    Assaults And Personal Injuries

19    Kidnapping

19A    Stalking

19B    Hate Crimes

20    Hypnotism [Repealed]

21    Invasions Of Privacy

22    Sex Offenses

22A    Offenses Against The Family

23    Prostitution

24    Obscenity And Public Indecency

24A    Child Pornography

24B    Sex Offender Registry

25    Gambling And Lotteries

25A    Internet Gambling

26    Sabbath Breaking [Repealed]

27    Interference With Religious Practices [Repealed And Transferred]

28    Libel And False Publications [Repealed]

29    Perjury And False Official Statements

30    Robbery

30A    Theft

31    Extortion [Repealed]

32    Burglary And Unlawful Entry

33    Arson

34    Vandalism And Injuries To Property

35    Criminal Trespass

36    Public Nuisances

37    Larceny And Misappropriation Of Property [Repealed]

38    Embezzlement [Repealed]

39    Forgery And Counterfeiting

40    Identity Crimes

41    Fraud And Misrepresentations [Repealed And Transferred]

42    Controlled Substances And Marijuana

42A    Drug Paraphernalia

43    Commercial Bribery

44    Cable Television And Multipoint Distribution Systems

45    Unlawfully Obtaining Benefits Or Payments From Medical Assistance Program

46    Abuse, Neglect, Or Exploitation Of Elders Or Adults With Disabilities

47    Debt Adjusting [Transferred]

48    Victim Immunity

49    Human Trafficking