23-1A-1    Petty offense procedures used by all law enforcement and judicial officers.

23-1A-2    Complaint and summons forms--Uniform traffic ticket--Contents.

23-1A-2.1    Ticket form for juvenile cited violations.

23-1A-3    State's attorney as attorney for plaintiff.

23-1A-4    Complaint and summons as only complaint necessary.

23-1A-5    Signature under oath on complaint--Traffic ticket issued by law enforcement officer.

23-1A-6    Minor defendant--Guardian ad litem not required--Trial as juvenile delinquent.

23-1A-7    Detention of violator to issue complaint and summons--Not an arrest--Summons or arrest for other public offense.

23-1A-8    Hearing within ten days specified in summons--Earlier date if requested--Place of hearing.

23-1A-9    Resisting service or refusal to give information as misdemeanor.

23-1A-10    Defendant's options for disposal of case.

23-1A-11    Written promise to appear--Admission and deposit--Immediate hearing if alternatives refused--Violation of promise to appear as misdemeanor.

23-1A-12    Admission of other than traffic violation in lieu of court appearance--Filing with deposit.

23-1A-13    Deposit in lieu of court appearance--Methods--Failure to appear as admission and forfeiture.

23-1A-14    Receipt for deposit--Check as receipt--Stop payment and failure to appear as misdemeanor.

23-1A-15    Appearance not required after admission or deposit--Judgment for plaintiff--Deposit as payment.

23-1A-16    Relief from admission by appearing in court--Matter set for trial.

23-1A-17    Acceptance of admission in court and entry of judgment--Trial if allegations denied--Procedure--Deposit required for continuance.

23-1A-18    Failure to appear after deposit or admission--Judgment entered.

23-1A-19    Failure to appear without deposit or admission as misdemeanor--Default judgment--Warrant for arrest.

23-1A-20    Motor vehicle violation--Certification of judgment forwarded to Department of Public Safety.

23-1A-21    Effect of judgment same as for other civil judgments--Execution, levy, and liens.

23-1A-22    Judgment--Amount--Reduction or elimination--Defendant award--Amount of deposit.

23-1A-23    Judgment proceeds deposited in county treasuries.