23-7-53. Optional enhanced permit to carry concealed pistol--Contents of application.

An applicant may submit an application to the sheriff of the county in which the applicant resides for an optional enhanced permit to carry a concealed pistol. The application shall include:

(1)    The application for the optional enhanced permit to carry a concealed pistol;

(2)    A copy of the applicant's fingerprints for submission to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and any governmental agency or entity authorized to receive such information, for a state, national, and international criminal history background check;

(3)    An authorization to run a fingerprint background check;

(4)    A separate payment for the cost of processing the fingerprint background check and, if the sheriff takes the fingerprints, the sheriff shall secure the fingerprints at no additional charge to the applicant;

(5)    A separate application fee of one hundred dollars for the optional permit to carry a concealed pistol which shall be distributed fifty percent to the sheriff and fifty percent to the secretary of state to be used by the secretary of state to administer the concealed carry program; and

(6)    Proof that the applicant:

(a)    Has successfully completed a qualifying handgun course as defined in § 23-7-58, within the preceding twelve months; or

(b)    Is a current or former law enforcement officer and has, within the preceding twelve months, qualified or requalified on a certified shooting course administered by a firearms instructor approved by the Law Enforcement Officers Standards Commission.

The sheriff shall forward the copy of the applicant's fingerprints, the applicant's authorization for processing a fingerprint background check, and the payment for the fingerprint background check to the Division of Criminal Investigation for processing.

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