23-7-69. Notice to secretary of state of change of name or address--Issuance of new permit.

A person who has been issued a permit to carry a concealed pistol shall maintain current information on the permit by notifying the secretary of state in writing of a change in the person's name due to marriage or court order, or of a change in physical address. If the revised address is located within South Dakota, the secretary of state must provide a new permit to the person.

The county sheriff may issue a temporary permit or the secretary of state may issue an updated permit that reflects an address outside of South Dakota in the following instances:

(1)    For a South Dakota resident who is active duty military personnel, or the spouse of a person who is active duty military, with a home of record in South Dakota; or

(2)    For a South Dakota permit holder whose home is physically located in South Dakota but has an official postal address located within in a county in another state that shares a border with South Dakota.

Source: SL 2018, ch 141, § 5, eff. Mar. 9, 2018; SL 2022, ch 70, § 7.