23A-24-1    23A-24-1. (Rule 29.1) Reserved

23A-24-2    Order of proceedings at trial.

23A-24-3    Departure from order of proceedings for good cause.

23A-24-4    Separation or segregation of jurors before submission of case--Oath of officers in charge of jury.

23A-24-5    Admonition to jurors on each adjournment of court.

23A-24-6    Minor's testimony as to sexual offense involving child--Open only to certain persons--Exception for grand jury proceedings.

23A-24-7    Removal of victim and parent or guardian from courtroom.

23A-24-8    Victim unable to attend trial or hearing--Selection of representative.

23A-24-9    Failure of victim to exercise rights not grounds for appeal, reversal or remand.

23A-24-10    Certified therapeutic dogs--Definitions.

23A-24-11    Introduction of certified therapeutic dog--Motion--Contents.

23A-24-12    Certified handlers--Limitations.