23A-25-1    23A-25-1. (Rule 30) Reserved

23A-25-2    Duty to receive law laid down by court.

23A-25-3    Statements of law included in charge--Exclusive judges of fact.

23A-25-3.1    Instruction on presumption of innocence required.

23A-25-3.2    Jury instructions--Certified therapeutic dogs.

23A-25-4    Preparation and settlement of instructions--Reading to jury--Comment during argument--Filing and endorsement of requested instructions.

23A-25-5    Officers sworn to protect privacy of jury--Overnight sequestration or separation--Prevention of communication--Return to court on reaching verdict.

23A-25-5.1    Oath of officers to protect privacy of jury.

23A-25-6    Retirement for deliberation--Room provided--Food and lodging during deliberation.

23A-25-7    Evidence and instructions kept by jury during deliberation.

23A-25-8    Request by jury for further instructions--Notice to and presence of parties.

23A-25-9    Discharge of jury on disability of member--Exception.

23A-25-10    Jury not discharged until verdict rendered--Exceptions.

23A-25-11    New trial when jury discharged before verdict.

23A-25-12    Court open for other business during jury deliberations--Discharge of jury by final adjournment.

23A-25-13    Guilty but mentally ill verdict--Forms furnished--Instructions.