23A-28B-40. Crime victims' compensation fund--Establishment--Purposes.

There is established within the state treasury the crime victims' compensation fund, into which shall be deposited surcharges collected pursuant to § 23A-28B-42, deductions from prison industries revenues or inmate wages pursuant to subdivision 24-7-3(1), contributions, grants, payments ordered by the court, interest received on moneys in the fund, and all other fees and moneys collected for the purposes of this chapter. This fund shall be used for the purposes of paying compensation awards and administering the crime victims' compensation program as provided for in this chapter. The fund may also be used as provided in § 23A-28B-40.1.

Source: SL 1991, ch 201, § 40; SL 1993, ch 183, § 1; SL 2020, ch 99, § 1.