23A-28B-1    Definitions.

23A-28B-2    Rights of resident victim of out-of-state crime.

23A-28B-3    Crime Victims' Compensation Commission--Apportionment of members.

23A-28B-4    Duties of commission.

23A-28B-5    Membership of commission--Terms of office--Vacancies.

23A-28B-6    Administration of commission.

23A-28B-7    Commission meetings--Quorum.

23A-28B-8    Compensation and expenses for commission members.

23A-28B-9    Preponderance of evidence required for receipt of compensation.

23A-28B-10    No right to compensation--Availability of funds.

23A-28B-11    Application for compensation.

23A-28B-12    Furnishing application forms.

23A-28B-13    Documentation required with application--Notice of rejection.

23A-28B-14    Amended application--Additional material.

23A-28B-15    Application for compensation on behalf of minor or incompetent.

23A-28B-16    State and local agencies to provide information to Department of Social Services.

23A-28B-17    Subpoenas authorized for investigation of eligibility.

23A-28B-18    Circumstances permitting compensation.

23A-28B-19    Compensation for economic losses due to personal injury or death.

23A-28B-20    Calculating compensation--Standard.

23A-28B-21    Limit of compensation.

23A-28B-22    Compensation reduced by amount of collateral payment.

23A-28B-23    Conviction of person for criminal conduct not required for award of compensation.

23A-28B-24    Payment of compensation--Lump sum--Exception for protracted disability--Award not subject to process.

23A-28B-25    Circumstances not permitting award of compensation.

23A-28B-26    Relative or household member of offender eligible for compensation.

23A-28B-27    Emergency award of compensation--Amount--Excess amount repaid.

23A-28B-28    Department recommendation or order upon review and investigation of application--Notice.

23A-28B-29    23A-28B-29. Repealed by SL 1998, ch 150, § 3

23A-28B-30    Fees and mileage allowance for witness in compensation hearing.

23A-28B-31    Order entered on all claims submitted under chapter--Content.

23A-28B-32    Request for review of department order--Hearing.

23A-28B-32.1    Department permitted to amend commission order.

23A-28B-33    Promulgation of rules for administration of chapter.

23A-28B-34    Department subrogated to claimant's cause of action--Action against party liable for claimant's injury.

23A-28B-35    Fraudulent claim prohibited--Violation as misdemeanor or felony.

23A-28B-36    Confidentiality of records and reports.

23A-28B-37    Application hearing open to public--Exceptions.

23A-28B-38    Privileged communications.

23A-28B-39    Assistant attorney general to advise department and commission--Litigation assistance.

23A-28B-40    Crime victims' compensation fund--Establishment--Purposes.

23A-28B-40.1    Emergency expenses--Requests for reimbursement.

23A-28B-41    Payments from fund--Warrants--Vouchers.

23A-28B-42    Compensation surcharge for certain crimes--Waiver.

23A-28B-43    Collection of compensation surcharge--Disbursement.

23A-28B-44    No awards before July 1, 1992.