23A-32-5. Appeal by prosecution--Suppression order--Dismissal of complaint--Procedure--Double jeopardy.

An appeal by a prosecuting attorney may be taken to the Supreme Court from:

(1)    An order of a circuit court or a magistrate suppressing or excluding evidence or requiring the return of seized property in a criminal proceeding;

(2)    An order of a circuit court or a magistrate sustaining a motion to dismiss a complaint on statutory grounds or otherwise.

An appeal under this section may not be taken after a defendant has been put in risk of double jeopardy and is not a matter of right but of sound judicial discretion. Appeals from such orders shall be taken in the same manner as intermediate appeals in subdivision § 15-26A-3(6). No appeal taken under this section shall delay any trial unless a stay be granted in the discretion of the Supreme Court.

Source: SL 1978, ch 178, § 403; SL 1979, ch 159, § 24; SL 2021, ch 111, § 2.