23A-32-1    Transcript prepared when necessary to protect defendant's rights.

23A-32-2    Defendant's right to appeal.

23A-32-3    Reproduction of brief for indigent defendant--Form and contents.

23A-32-4    Appeal by prosecution from judgment setting aside verdict, dismissal, arrest of judgment, new trial, or deviation from mandatory sentence.

23A-32-5    Appeal by prosecution--Suppression order--Dismissal of complaint--Procedure--Double jeopardy.

23A-32-6    Time for appeal by prosecution.

23A-32-7    Release on bail pending appeal by prosecution.

23A-32-8    23A-32-8. Reserved

23A-32-9    Scope of review by Supreme Court.

23A-32-10    New trial motion not required to preserve grounds for appeal.

23A-32-11    Scope of review when denial of new trial assigned as error.

23A-32-12    Discretionary appeal from intermediate order before trial--Procedure.

23A-32-13    Constitutional issue first raised on appeal.

23A-32-14    Provisions as to civil appeals applicable unless otherwise provided.

23A-32-15    Time of taking appeal.

23A-32-16    Notice of appeal--Service on adverse parties--Perfection of appeal--Fee not required of indigent defendant.

23A-32-17    Service of notice of appeal and papers on attorney general--Control of case by attorney general.

23A-32-18    Remand to trial court for new trial motion.

23A-32-19    Disposition of case directed by Supreme Court.

23A-32-20    Time for appeal by personal representative of deceased defendant's estate.

23A-32-21    Continuation by personal representative of pending appeal--Substitution--Time limits.

23A-32-22    Discretionary appeals of illegal sentences.