23A-35A-1    Definition of terms.

23A-35A-2    Authorization or approval for interception of communications.

23A-35A-3    Authority of attorney general or state's attorney to apply for order for interception of communications.

23A-35A-4    Application to intercept communications--Form and contents.

23A-35A-5    Circuit judge to authorize interception.

23A-35A-6    Ex parte order authorizing wiretapping or eavesdropping--Probable cause required for entry.

23A-35A-7    Contents of order.

23A-35A-8    Cooperation and technical assistance required of carriers, landlords, and others--Compensation.

23A-35A-9    Progress reports to issuing judge.

23A-35A-10    Duration of order--Extensions.

23A-35A-11    Authority for eavesdropping--Retention of orders and papers by applicant--Copy of order retained by judge.

23A-35A-12    Sealing of applications and orders--Custody--Disclosure for good cause.

23A-35A-13    Recording of intercepted communications if possible--Sealing of recordings.

23A-35A-14    Disclosures to interested parties--Inspection of intercepted communications, application, or order--Postponement of notice.

23A-35A-15    Disclosure of contents of intercepted communications among investigative or law enforcement officers.

23A-35A-16    Appropriate use of contents of intercepted communication by investigative or law enforcement officer.

23A-35A-17    Disclosure of contents of intercepted communication in court or grand jury proceeding.

23A-35A-18    Interception of communications relating to offenses other than specified in order--Use of contents.

23A-35A-19    Privileged communications.

23A-35A-20    Overhearing or recording communications, conversations, or jury deliberations by means of eavesdropping device as felony.

23A-35A-21    Exemptions from chapter.

23A-35A-22    Use of pen register or trap and trace device without court order prohibited--Violation as misdemeanor.

23A-35A-23    Application of prohibition to provider of wire or electronic communication service.

23A-35A-24    Application for order authorizing use of pen register or trap and trace device.

23A-35A-25    Contents of application.

23A-35A-26    Issuance of ex parte order authorizing use of pen register or trap and trace device.

23A-35A-27    Contents of ex parte order authorizing use of pen register or trap and trace device.

23A-35A-28    Time limitation on use of pen register or trap and trace device--Extension.

23A-35A-29    Order sealed--Disclosure of existence of pen register or trap and trace device prohibited.

23A-35A-30    Persons required to assist installation of pen register.

23A-35A-31    Installation of trap and trace device--Assistance--Results given to law enforcement officer.

23A-35A-32    Reasonable compensation for assistance.

23A-35A-33    Persons providing assistance immune.

23A-35A-34    Good faith reliance on court order as complete defense.