23A-37-1    Property subject to chapter.

23A-37-2    Safekeeping of seized property.

23A-37-3    Transfer to another court of property required as evidence.

23A-37-4    Application for return of property to person with right to possession.

23A-37-5    Time of hearing on claim for return of seized property.

23A-37-6    Notice of hearing on disposition of seized property.

23A-37-7    Money restored to owner--Gambling money paid into county treasury.

23A-37-8    Conditions for release of seized property to owner.

23A-37-9    Destruction of contraband and illegal property--Sale of articles capable of lawful use--Controlled weapons or firearms.

23A-37-10    Sale or transfer of unclaimed property.

23A-37-11    Controlled substances exempt from chapter.

23A-37-12    Chapter supplemental--Disposition as directed by court.

23A-37-13    Controlled weapons and firearms disposal.

23A-37-13.1    Money from sale to be deposited in law enforcement officers training fund.

23A-37-14    Photographing and return of property of victim seized as evidence--Admissibility of photographs.

23A-37-15    Notice to defendant of return--Motion not to release.