25-5-1    25-5-1, 25-5-2. Repealed by SL 1991, ch 210, §§ 1, 2

25-5-3    Presumption of parentage.

25-5-4    25-5-4, 25-5-5. Repealed by SL 1991, ch 210, §§ 4, 5

25-5-6    Parental control of child's property.

25-5-7    Parents equally entitled to custody and earnings of child born in wedlock.

25-5-7.1    Joint legal custody order--Factors for court's consideration--Joint physical custody.

25-5-7.2    Residential parent to make routine decisions concerning child.

25-5-7.3    Parents to have equal access to records pertaining to child--Name and address of both parents to be listed.

25-5-7.4    Written applications to enroll child in activity or program to provide name and address of other parent.

25-5-7.5    Access to records and application requirements not applicable to certain parents.

25-5-7.6    Parent sharing custody to foster other parent's relationship with child.

25-5-8    Father's rights not superior to mother's while separated.

25-5-9    Habeas corpus to award child custody when parents separated without divorce--Rules of law governing.

25-5-10    Custody and earnings of children born out of wedlock.

25-5-10.1    Best interest of child not presumed--Change of custody.

25-5-11    Wages of minor payable to minor or conservator.

25-5-12    Relinquishment of child control and earnings--Abandonment by parent.

25-5-13    Residence of child--Right to change--Procedure.

25-5-14    Parent and child not answerable for act of other.

25-5-15    Parental liability for willful acts of child--Limitation of recovery--Motor vehicle cases excepted--Specific findings in disputed cases.

25-5-16    Judicial cognizance of parental abuses--Freeing child from parental dominion.

25-5-17    25-5-17, 25-5-18. Repealed by SL 1991, ch 211, §§ 7, 8

25-5-18.1    Parental duty to support child.

25-5-18.2    Parental duty to support certain grandchildren.

25-5-19    Emancipation by express agreement--Approval of circuit court.

25-5-20    25-5-20. Repealed by SL 1991, ch 211, § 10

25-5-21    Duty of emancipated child to parent.

25-5-22    25-5-22. Repealed by SL 1991, ch 211, § 11

25-5-23    Foster parents' liability to foster children.

25-5-23.1    Foster parents' liability for acts of foster child--Motor vehicle cases excepted--No costs to be assessed if child adjudicated delinquent or in need of supervision.

25-5-24    Emancipated minor defined.

25-5-25    Age of majority for certain purposes--Parent or guardian liability.

25-5-26    Petition for emancipation--Procedure.

25-5-27    Rescission of declaration of emancipation.

25-5-28    Declaration obtained by fraud voidable--Proceedings.

25-5-29    Person other than parent permitted to seek custody of child--Parent's presumptive right to custody--Rebuttal.

25-5-30    Circumstances suggesting serious detriment to child.

25-5-31    No right created on behalf of stepparent.

25-5-32    Parental rights need not be terminated if custody awarded to person other than parent.

25-5-33    Child support, parent's duty to provide for child when custody awarded to person other than parent.

25-5-34    Applicability of §§ 25-5-29 to 25-5-34.

25-5-35    Breastfeeding permitted in certain locations.