28-7A-3. Promulgation of rules.

The department may promulgate rules, in accordance with chapter 1-26, regarding:

(1)    Assistance eligibility qualifications except as otherwise provided in § 28-7A-4.1, application procedure, and assistance level;

(2)    Employability assessment, work activities, and supportive services;

(3)    Conditions of continued eligibility, eligibility time limits, eligibility recertification periods, and exemptions;

(4)    Program participation requirements, criteria for disqualification, and good cause exemptions;

(5)    Disqualification for intentional program violation or failure to comply with program requirements;

(6)    Benefit recovery and recoupment policies and procedures;

(7)    Methods of distribution and payment of moneys appropriated by the Legislature or received from the federal government for the granting of temporary assistance for needy families;

(8)    Development of applications, reports, and other forms;

(9)    Enforcement of child support obligations including distribution of collections, cooperative agreements with courts and law enforcement officials, and such other rules as may be found necessary or desirable to qualify for federal financial participation;

(10)    Collection, audit, and reporting of facts and statistics relating to the field of public assistance;

(11)    Compliance with federal reporting and documentation requirements necessary to qualify for federal funds; and

(12)    Any other standards of operation and administration within the mandate of this chapter, as necessary or desirable to qualify for federal financial participation.

Source: SL 1997, ch 166, § 4; SL 2020, ch 116, § 1.