28-7A-1    No entitlement to assistance.

28-7A-2    Definition of terms.

28-7A-3    Promulgation of rules.

28-7A-4    Determining eligibility requirements.

28-7A-4.1    Exemption--Controlled substance felony--Denial of benefits—Prohibition.

28-7A-5    Social security number required for eligibility.

28-7A-6    Cooperation with paternity and child support proceedings required.

28-7A-7    Assignment of support rights.

28-7A-8    Manner of application--Timely response.

28-7A-9    Assessment of skills, work experience, and employability.

28-7A-10    Adoption of standards for participation in work activities and assistance programs--Training and education.

28-7A-11    Denial, reduction, or termination of assistance for refusal to participate--Investigation of compliance.

28-7A-12    Feasible and reasonable assistance programs authorized.

28-7A-13    Employment as work activity.

28-7A-14    Reconsideration of assistance.

28-7A-15    Appeal by aggrieved applicant or recipient.

28-7A-16    Denial, reduction, or termination of assistance to deter fraud and program abuse.

28-7A-17    Adoption of policies to recover overpayment of assistance.

28-7A-18    Assistance not transferable--Assistance not subject to legal process--Exception.

28-7A-19    Effect of amending or repealing acts.

28-7A-20    Department to implement combination work and education activity--Time limitation--Goal.

28-7A-21    Combination work and education activity--Criteria for education component.

28-7A-22    Eligibility for work and education activity.

28-7A-23    Department may limit number of participants in work and education activity.

28-7A-24    Promulgation of rules.