01    Definitions And Classes Of Highways

02    Administration Of State Highways

03    Location, Change And Vacation Of Highways

04    State Trunk Highway System

04A    South Dakota Bridge Authority [Repealed]

05    State Highway Construction And Maintenance In General

06    Secondary Roads [Repealed]

07    Interstate Highway System

08    Controlled-Access Facilities

09    Highways Serving Federal Reservations

10    Boundary State Highway Bridges

11    County Highway Department And Funds

12    County Highway Systems

12A    County Road Districts

13    Township Roads

14    County And Township Bridges And Culverts

15    County And Municipal Local Interstate Toll Bridges [Repealed]

16    Bridge Corporations [Repealed]

17    Boundary Line Highways

18    Section-Line Highways

19    Acquisition Of Land And Materials For Highway Purposes

20    Use Of Publicly Owned Land For Highway Purposes

21    Highway Drainage Ditches

22    Condemnation Of Easements For Isolated Tracts

23    Performance Bonds On Highway Contracts

24    Highway Intersections And Private Entrances

25    Fences, Cattle Ways And Livestock Guards

26    Utility Lines Along And Across Highways

27    Railroad Crossings

28    Highway Markers And Signs

29    Highway Beautification And Regulation Of Advertising

30    Junk Yards Along Highways

31    Weed Removal Along Highways

32    Highway Obstructions And Defects

33    Municipal Arterial Street Systems

34    Rural Access Infrastructure