31-4-131. State Highway 11 from Elk Point to Minnesota.

The state trunk highway system includes the following in Union, Lincoln, and Minnehaha counties:

(1)    From a point on Franklin Street near Elk Point near Interstate Highway 29 Business Loop, thence northerly via Elk Point to State Highway 50 north of Elk Point;

(2)    From a point on State Highway 48 south of Alcester, thence northerly via Alcester to 57th Street in Sioux Falls;

(3)    From a point on State Highway 42 east of Sioux Falls, thence northerly and easterly via Brandon and Garretson to the Minnesota state line.

Source: SL 1984, ch 209, § 4; SL 1994, ch 237, § 8; SL 2021, ch 123, § 1.