31-5-10. Improvements to trunk system--Manner of advertising for bids--Letting of contract--Rules.

For a highway improvement on the trunk highway system, the work contemplated shall be delivered to contract by one of the following methods, in accordance with the provisions of this chapter:

(1)    Design-bid-build;

(2)    Indefinite delivery and indefinite quantity; or

(3)    Emergency procurement.

Contracts for all road and bridge construction performed on the trunk highway system shall be between the state and the contractor and shall be approved by the Department of Transportation and the Transportation Commission.

The Transportation Commission may adopt rules pursuant to chapter 1-26 regarding advertisement for bids; bidder qualification, classification, and rating; bid submission; and bid acceptance for highway improvements on the trunk highway system.

Source: SDC 1939, § 28.0214; SL 1987, ch 210, § 6; SL 2021, ch 124, § 1.