31-28-1    Marking of highways with standard design--Numbers to correspond with official maps.

31-28-2    Directional signs at highway branches.

31-28-3    31-28-3. Repealed by SL 1984, ch 207, § 68

31-28-4    Description of routes selected for marking--Previously marked routes to conform.

31-28-5    Standard traffic control devices and markings--Adoption and erection--Uniformity of design.

31-28-6    Warning signs at points of danger--Maintenance--Violation as misdemeanor.

31-28-7    Railway crossing signs--Maintenance--Violation as misdemeanor.

31-28-7.1    Legally abandoned and nonoperational track defined.

31-28-7.2    Notice of nonoperational track becoming operational.

31-28-8    Erection of unofficial signs prohibited--Misdemeanor--Emergencies--Approval by Department of Transportation.

31-28-9    31-28-9. Superseded

31-28-10    Marking intrastate and interstate highways--Uniformity--Conformity with other states.

31-28-10.1    Standards for supplemental guide signs--Rules--Definition.

31-28-10.2    Safety as prime consideration in supplemental guide signs--Traffic generating capacity secondary.

31-28-10.3    Supplemental guide signs for smaller institutions.

31-28-11    Markings to conform to uniform national signing standards on streets and roads constructed with federal aid.

31-28-12    Markings on highways under commissioners' jurisdiction--Distances between third class municipalities--Cost of markings.

31-28-13    Markings by local authorities--Local regulations not enforceable in absence of sign--Location and legibility of sign.

31-28-14    Unauthorized signs, markers, and signals prohibited--Authorization to organization.

31-28-15    31-28-15. Repealed by SL 1984, ch 207, § 72

31-28-16    Arterial highways--Right-of-way--Violation as misdemeanor.

31-28-17    Hazardous intersections--Railroad crossings--Warning signs--Violation as misdemeanor.

31-28-18    31-28-18. Superseded

31-28-19    Markings resembling official signs--Obscuring official sign--Violation as misdemeanor.

31-28-20    Commercial or political campaign advertising--Violation as misdemeanor.

31-28-21    Signs on private property.

31-28-22    Prohibited sign as nuisance.

31-28-23    Tampering, molesting, or interfering with markers, signs, or control devices--Violation as misdemeanor--Liability for costs.

31-28-23.1    Civil penalty for tampering, removing, or interfering with highway marker, sign, or control device.

31-28-24    31-28-24. Superseded

31-28-25    Traffic light control.

31-28-26    31-28-26, 31-28-27. Repealed by SL 1984, ch 207, §§ 74, 75

31-28-28    Unauthorized possession of official signs or markers as misdemeanor.

31-28-29    Activities of technical professionals not limited.