32-5-65. Special plates for commercial radio or broadcasting companies--Fee--Surrender of plates--Violation as misdemeanor.

Any commercial radio station or broadcasting company that holds an unrevoked and unexpired official license issued by the federal communications commission or employees of the station or company when requested and approved by the station or the company, and who are residents of this state and have complied with all the laws of this state in regards to the registration of a motor vehicle, may apply for a set of special plates bearing an inscription thereon of the call letters authorized for the station or company radio license by making application therefor on a form prescribed by the department. The special plates are in lieu of the regular number plates issued for the motor vehicle. The special plates shall be displayed as set forth in § 32-5-98. In addition to the noncommercial license plate fees, an additional fee of ten dollars shall be charged for the initial issuance of the special plates. If the federal communication commission's license is revoked, the owner shall surrender the special license plates to the department. If the employee is no longer employed by the station or the broadcasting company, the employee shall surrender the special license plates to the department. The secretary shall make the necessary changes in the registration file. The owner shall obtain regular number plates. Failure to surrender the special license plates as required by this section is a Class 2 misdemeanor.

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