32-5-169. Reflectorized emblem specialty plates--Annual stickers--Permissible vehicles--Contents.

All emblem specialty plates shall be reflectorized and validated with a sticker each year in the same manner as a noncommercial license plate. The emblem specialty plates shall read, Place Approved Emblem Here, to designate where the emblem shall be placed on the plate. Emblem specialty plates may only be used on automobiles, pickup trucks, or vans licensed pursuant to § 32-5-6, motorcycles licensed pursuant to § 32-5-9, or pickup trucks licensed pursuant to § 32-5-6.3. Emblem specialty plates shall be displayed in accordance with § 32-5-98. The plate shall bear a design of George Washington's face as depicted on Mount Rushmore upon approval by the Department of Revenue. Any change to the emblem specialty plate design will be implemented during the next license plate reissue under § 32-5-83.

Source: SL 2014, ch 143, § 3; SL 2020, ch 132, § 1.