32-5B-12. Proration of tax on proportionally registered vehicles.

If a motor vehicle is licensed and registered pursuant to chapter 32-10, the excise tax imposed by § 32-5B-1 shall be prorated in accordance with the formula established in the International Registration Plan as amended as of January 1, 2021. Such motor vehicles and trailer units are exempt from a percentage of the excise tax, equal to the percentage of total fleet miles driven outside of this state. The mileage period used to calculate the exempt percentage shall be the same as used by the International Registration Plan for purposes of apportionally registering the vehicles. To qualify for this exemption, the registrant shall maintain all records required to be kept by the International Registration Plan. The records shall be maintained for a period of time equal to that required by the International Registration Plan for audit purposes to insure that the proper amount of tax was paid.

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