32-7B-13. Temporary license--Display--Restrictions on use--Renewal or alteration prohibited--Violation as misdemeanor.

If a boat is sold by a licensed dealer, the dealer may provide a temporary forty-five day license permit to operate the boat in this state for a period of forty-five days after the date of sale or until the time the purchaser receives the regular license decals from the county treasurer, whichever occurs first. The temporary boat license tags shall be displayed as required by § 32-3A-5 and any rule promulgated, pursuant to chapter 1-26, by the department. No dealer may use the permit upon any boat owned by the dealer or for any purpose other than for boats sold by the manufacturer or dealer. No person may renew the temporary forty-five day license permit nor change or alter the date or other information thereon. A violation of this section is a Class 1 misdemeanor.

Source: SL 1998, ch 185, § 13; SL 2001, ch 163, § 6; SL 2021, ch 125, § 8.