32-28-1    Traffic controlled by go, caution, or stop lights--Signal at place other than intersection.

32-28-2    Meaning of green or "go" signal--Vehicular traffic--Pedestrians.

32-28-3    Meaning of steady yellow light--Vehicular traffic--Pedestrians.

32-28-4    Meaning of steady red light or stop signal--Vehicular traffic--Right turn on red.

32-28-4.1    Left turn on red--Local option--Violation of restrictions as misdemeanor.

32-28-5    Meaning of steady red light with green arrow--Vehicular traffic--Pedestrians.

32-28-6    Flashing red or yellow signal--Violation as misdemeanor.

32-28-7    Meaning of flashing red signal--Violation as misdemeanor.

32-28-8    Meaning of flashing yellow signal--Violation as misdemeanor.

32-28-8.1    Lane direction control signals.

32-28-8.2    Procedure when traffic lights malfunctioning.

32-28-9    Signals at railway grade crossings.

32-28-9.1    Pedestrian control signals--Violation by driver as misdemeanor--Violation by pedestrian as petty offense.

32-28-10    Other traffic control devices--Directions by police officer--Violation as misdemeanor.

32-28-11    Requirement that official signal be in proper position and legible.

32-28-12    Control without signs where not required.

32-28-13    Traffic light control by law enforcement officers.

32-28-14    32-28-14. Repealed by SL 1989, ch 255, § 188.

32-28-15    Disruption or interference with traffic signal preemption system as misdemeanor.

32-28-16    Exceptions to application of the provisions of § 32-28-15.

32-28-17    Photo monitoring devices to detect red light violations prohibited.

32-28-18    Photo monitoring device defined.

32-28-19    General law of state.

32-28-20    Definitions regarding limitations on interstate compacts relating to red light and speed cameras.

32-28-21    Prohibition on interstate compacts to provide information to impose or collect civil fine for violation captured by red light or speed camera.

32-28-22    Restriction on providing information to impose or collect civil fine for violation captured by red light or speed camera pursuant to interstate compact.