34-16-15. County disposal of dead animal on failure of township to act--Liability for expense.

If the owner of a dead animal or the township supervisor fails to act as provided in § 34-16-17 within two days after the knowledge of the fact that the dead animal exists, the superintendent of the county board of health shall forthwith cause the body of the dead animal to be burned or buried, and the expense of the same shall be paid by the county. The amount of the expenses paid by the county constitutes a lien against the township in which the animal was found. The township shall pay the expenses and the township shall in turn recover the expenses from the owner or person in charge of the dead animal.

Source: SL 1903, ch 11, § 6; RC 1919, § 7689; SL 1925, ch 121, § 6; SDC 1939, § 27.2505; SL 2021, ch 175, § 3.