34-20A-66. Approval of application--Intake procedure--Retention or transfer.

Upon approval of the application by the administrator of the approved treatment facility or an authorized designee, the person shall be retained or brought to the facility by a law enforcement officer or any other interested person. A law enforcement officer must only transport the person if criteria for protective custody is met under § 34-20A-55 at the time of transport. A law enforcement officer shall notify the treatment facility if criteria for protective custody under § 34-20A-55 is not met. The person must be retained at the facility to which the person was admitted, or transferred to another appropriate treatment facility, until discharged under § 34-20A-68.

Source: SL 1974, ch 240, § 11 (c); SL 1985, ch 277, § 17; SL 2022, ch 108, § 9.