34-35-1    Construction of fireguards.

34-35-2    Tax levy to defray expenses of fireguards.

34-35-3    Entry on private land to construct fireguards.

34-35-4    34-35-4, 34-35-5. Repealed by SL 2014, ch 48, §§ 24, 25.

34-35-6    Fireguards not in organized townships.

34-35-7    Expense of fireguard upon township line.

34-35-8    Throwing match or burning object from vehicle as misdemeanor.

34-35-9    Negligently allowing fire to spread as misdemeanor--Failure to extinguish fire--Interference with control efforts.

34-35-10    Burning off land or other flammable material without firebreak or considering weather a misdemeanor.

34-35-11    34-35-11. Repealed by SL 1977, ch 190, § 94.

34-35-12    Civil liability for fire.

34-35-12.1    Liability for suppression and extinguishment costs collectable by secretary of public safety.

34-35-13    Sheriff's investigation of violations--Prosecution by state's attorney.

34-35-14    Possessory claim supporting recovery of fire damages.

34-35-15    Black Hills Forest Fire Protection District--Area included.

34-35-15.1    Sellers of fireworks or pyrotechnics in business before July 1, 2007 not subject to Black Hills district boundary change.

34-35-16    Permit required for open fire in Black Hills district--Violation as misdemeanor--Liability for civil damages.

34-35-17    Issuance of permit for open fire in Black Hills district--Conditions.

34-35-18    Setting fires for forest and range management.

34-35-19    Promulgation of rules by secretary.

34-35-20    Interstate compact for the prevention and control of forest fires.

34-35-21    Explosive firearm targets prohibited in Black Hills Forest Fire Protection District--Violation as misdemeanor--Liability for damages.