34-44-1    Definitions.

34-44-2    School building defined.

34-44-3    Promulgation of rules to establish asbestos abatement training program.

34-44-4    Training requirements--Sublevels of contractors and workers.

34-44-5    Certificate required of asbestos contractor--Violation as misdemeanor--Civil penalty.

34-44-6    Responsibility of asbestos contractor for handling and delivery of friable asbestos material--Penalty for violation.

34-44-7    Duty of owner or operator to employ only certified asbestos contractors.

34-44-8    Duty of owner, operator, etc., to specify in bid document whether project involved asbestos-containing materials--Violation as misdemeanor.

34-44-9    Duty of owner or operator to ensure that employees work under certified asbestos contractors and meet worker requirements--Violation as misdemeanor--Civil penalty.

34-44-9.1    No claim against certified contractor--Insurance.

34-44-10    Asbestos abatement certificate--Requirements for issuance to contractor.

34-44-11    Application for contractor's certification or renewal--Failure to obtain as misdemeanor.

34-44-12    Suspension or revocation of contractor's certificate--Grounds.

34-44-13    Worker to hold certificate--Violation as misdemeanor--Civil penalty.

34-44-14    Issuance of worker certificate--Training course.

34-44-15    Worker review course as condition of certificate renewal--When required.

34-44-16    Procedure for submitting certificate and renewal application.

34-44-17    Suspension or revocation of contractor's or worker's certificate.

34-44-18    Approval of alternative procedure on case-by-case basis.

34-44-19    Rules for approval of training courses--Approval required to offer training.

34-44-20    Training approval requirements.

34-44-21    Contents of training course.

34-44-22    Ability and proficiency of person providing training course to be demonstrated.

34-44-23    Training course materials and records to be made available--Access to training sessions.

34-44-24    Procedure for submitting approval and renewal applications.

34-44-25    Suspension or revocation of training course approval.

34-44-26    Rules for training reciprocity.

34-44-27    Rules adopting fee schedule--Amount of fees--Payment and deposit--Nonrefundability.

34-44-28    34-44-28. Repealed by SL 1990, ch 280, § 5.

34-44-29    Certification as bid requirement.

34-44-30    Responsibility of Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

34-44-31    Inspection of asbestos abatement project--Entry without notice or warrant--Waiver requirement as condition of certification or approval.

34-44-32    Responsibility of counties for providing disposal sites.

34-44-33    Certain persons not required to be certified.

34-44-34    Asbestos projects in progress--Temporary exemptions--Notice and application required--Denial of approval of project for noncompliance, etc.--Compliance with existing state and federal requirements.