34-46-2. Unlawful actions.

The following actions are unlawful:

(1)    To knowingly sell or distribute a tobacco product to a person under the age of twenty-one;

(2)    To purchase or attempt to purchase, to receive or attempt to receive, to possess, or to consume a tobacco product if a person is under the age of twenty-one;

(3)    To purchase a tobacco product on behalf of, or to give a tobacco product to, any person under the age of twenty-one;

(4)    To sell cigarettes other than in an unopened package originating with the manufacturer and depicting the warning labels required by federal law;

(5)    To sell tobacco products through a vending machine located in a place other than a place that is open to the public but to which persons under the age of twenty-one are denied access at all times;

(6)    To sell cigarettes or smokeless tobacco, or both, through a self-service display other than a display that is:

(a)    A vending machine permitted under subdivision (5) of this section; or

(b)    Located in a tobacco speciality store; or

(7)    To distribute tobacco product samples in or on a public street, sidewalk, or park that is within five hundred feet of a playground, school, or other facility when the facility is being used primarily by persons under the age of twenty-one.

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