34A-2A-1Definition of terms.

Terms used in this chapter mean:

(1)    "Antipollution devices," any mechanical equipment used to reduce hazard to the environment in cases of malfunction or shutdown of chemigation equipment during chemigation and may include, but is not limited to, interlock, waterline check valve, chemical line closure device, vacuum relief device, and automatic low pressure drain;

(2)    "Chemical," any fertilizer or pesticide;

(3)    "Chemigation," any process whereby chemicals are added to irrigation water applied to land or crop or both through an irrigation system;

(4)    "Fertilizer," any formulation or product used as a plant nutrient which is intended to promote plant growth and contains one or more plant nutrients;

(5)    "Irrigation system," any device or combination of devices having a hose, pipe, or other conduit which connects directly to any source of ground or surface water, through which water or a mixture of water and chemicals is drawn and applied to land or crop or both. The term does not include any handheld hose sprayer or other similar device which is constructed so that an interruption in water flow automatically prevents any backflow to the water source;

(6)    "Pesticide," any substance or mixture of substances intended for preventing, destroying, repelling, or mitigating any pests, or any substance or mixture of substances intended for use as a plant regulator, defoliant, or desiccant;

(7)    "Chief engineer," the officer employed by the Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources pursuant to § 46-2-3.

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