34A-6-68Code required for rigid plastic bottle or rigid plastic container.

Beginning July 1, 1995, no person may distribute, sell, or offer for sale in this state any plastic bottle or rigid plastic container unless the product is labeled with a code indicating the plastic resin used to produce the bottle or container. Rigid plastic bottles or rigid plastic containers with labels and basecups of a different material shall be coded by their basic material. The code shall consist of a number placed within the universal recycling symbol and letters placed below the symbol. The number used shall be as follows:

(1)    1.-PETE (polyethylene terephthalate);

(2)    2.-HDPE (high density polyethylene);

(3)    3.-V (vinyl);

(4)    4.-LDPE (low density polyethylene);

(5)    5.-PP (polypropylene);

(6)    6.-PS (polystyrene);

(7)    7.-OTHER (includes multi-layer).

The Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources shall maintain a list of the label codes provided in this section and shall provide a copy of that list to any person upon request.

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