34A-6-114Disposal of certain radionuclides at solid waste facility prohibited.

Radionuclides found in nature, such as radium, thorium, and uranium, that have become concentrated through human activities, and which have been generated during oil and gas production activities with a total laboratory-measured radioactivity level of Radium-226 plus Radium-228 greater than 5 picocuries/gram above the background radioactivity level, are prohibited from being disposed of at any solid waste facility permitted under this chapter. The background radioactivity level is as measured at each individual permitted solid waste facility. All radioactivity levels shall be measured using methods and procedures approved by the Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

Source: SL 2013, ch 168, § 2; SL 2021, ch 1 (Ex. Ord. 21-3), § 53, eff. Apr. 19, 2021.