34A-10-2.3. Cleanup and remediation of environmental problems--Use of security.

The state, with any board or court approval necessary, as provided in the permit or security instrument required under § 34A-10-2.1 or 34A-10-2.2, may use the security as necessary for the cleanup and remediation of environmental problems related to the activity for which the security was provided. If security is forfeited in accordance with § 45-9-15 due to the failure of an oil and gas well operator to perform according to the provisions of §§ 45-9-5 to 45-9-18, inclusive, the state may use the security for environmental cleanup or remediation of any lands or resources regulated under chapter 45-9. When the cleanup and remediation is complete, as certified by the board, or sufficient funds have been set aside to achieve complete remediation pursuant to a site-specific, board-approved remedial action plan, the state may proceed against any remaining security for the purpose of collecting any properly recoverable cost incurred by the state in pursuing the cleanup, environmental damages, or penalties. Until the environmental cleanup or remediation is complete, any state cost, environmental damage, and penalty judgments have been satisfied and the security has been released by the board, the security may not be assigned for the benefit of creditors, attached, garnished, levied, or executed on, or subject to process issued from any court; except for the purpose of enabling the state to effectuate the environmental cleanup or remediation.

Source: SL 1989, ch 306, § 70; SL 2020, ch 154, § 1.