34A-13-27Fund expenditures.

Money in the fund may only be expended or obligated:

(1)    To administer the petroleum release compensation program established in this chapter;

(2)    For any administrative costs and costs of corrective action taken by the fund, including investigations, legal actions, consulting costs, and other necessary costs;

(3)    For any costs of recovering any expenses associated with corrective actions;

(4)    For training, testing, and certification of those who perform services to be reimbursed under this chapter;

(5)    For any costs paid to any state agency for services;

(6)    For research and studies designed to reduce releases and improve petroleum industry methods for storage and to develop information and knowledge to aid in cleanup;

(7)    To carry out inspections of tanks and to certify inspection persons who may perform approved inspections of tanks;

(8)    To purchase insurance for the purpose of limiting certain risks associated with providing fund coverage as deemed appropriate by the secretary of agriculture and natural resources;

(9)    For any service provider unless the director has determined that a conflict of interest exists between the consultant and the contractor that could affect the integrity of the cleanup activities;

(10)    For rule making; and

(11)    For training of board members and staff employed by the secretary of agriculture and natural resources.

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