36-4B-7. Requirements--Educational programs in advanced life support.

An educational program for instruction of advanced life support personnel shall meet the following general requirements:

(1)    The educational program shall develop an evaluation mechanism satisfactory to the Board of Medical and Osteopathic Examiners to determine the effectiveness of its theoretical and clinical programs, the results of which shall be made available to the board annually;

(2)    Instructors in the theoretical and clinical training programs shall be competent and properly qualified in their respective fields of instruction and clinical training;

(3)    The educational program shall establish a method of definitive candidate selection satisfactory to the board; and

(4)    The number of students enrolled in the theoretical program may not exceed the number that can be clinically supervised and trained.

Source: SL 1978, ch 269, § 10; SL 1992, ch 268, § 4; SL 2021, ch 172, § 4.