36-5-1    Scope of practice--Limitations--Inapplicability to physicians.

36-5-1.1    Definitions.

36-5-2    Advertising or practicing without license or annual license renewal--Misdemeanor.

36-5-2.1    Injunction for violation authorized.

36-5-2.2    Liability of violators for enforcement expenses.

36-5-3    Composition of board--Appointment and terms--Vacancies.

36-5-3.1    Repealed

36-5-4    Officers of board--Rules and regulations--Examination of candidates.

36-5-4.1    Records and reports.

36-5-5    Repealed

36-5-6    Acceptance of funds by the board--Separate fund--Payments from fund--Expense limited by revenue.

36-5-7    36-5-7. Repealed by SL 1982, ch 16, § 27.

36-5-8    Educational requirements for license.

36-5-9    Repealed

36-5-10    Repealed

36-5-11    Application for license--Fee.

36-5-12    Scope of examinations.

36-5-13    License without examination on certification from another state or national board--Fee.

36-5-14    Display of license.

36-5-14.1    Annual renewal of license--Fee.

36-5-14.2    Additional requirements for annual license.

36-5-14.3    Certain healing arts practitioners to participate in alternate health care delivery systems.

36-5-15    Rules of practice governing chiropractors--Privileges.

36-5-15.1    Chiropractic physician preceptor program.

36-5-15.2    Regulation and licensing of practice of chiropractic and chiropractic radiography--Enforcement--Hearing officers.

36-5-15.3    Education and experience requirement rules for practice of chiropractic radiography.

36-5-15.4    Repealed

36-5-15.5    Unlicensed practice of chiropractic radiography as misdemeanor.

36-5-16    Grounds for refusal or revocation of license--Procedure.

36-5-16.1    Suspension, reprimand, or probation in lieu of revocation--Hearing.

36-5-17    Appeal from board.

36-5-18    Repealed

36-5-19    Peer review committee--Immunity from liability--Conditions--Official immunity unaffected--Fee.

36-5-20    Disciplinary committee--Immunity from liability--Conditions--Official immunity unaffected.

36-5-21    Ethics committee--Immunity from liability--Conditions--Official immunity unaffected--Promulgation of rules.

36-5-22    Criminal background investigation of applicants for licensure.

36-5-23    Repealed

36-5-24    Application for certification as chiropractic assistant.

36-5-25    Minimum educational and training requirements--Continuing education requirements.

36-5-26    Out-of-state applicants.

36-5-27    Additional requirements for certification.

36-5-28    Revocation or suspension of registration.

36-5-29    Unauthorized practice as chiropractic assistant--Misdemeanor.