36-7-13. Licensure through endorsement from another United States jurisdiction--Fee--Promulgation of rules.

The board may issue a license to practice as an optometrist by endorsement to a person who has been licensed as an optometrist under the laws of another state or territory under United States jurisdiction if:

(1)    The person submits an application and pays the required fee set by rules promulgated by the board pursuant to chapter 1-26, not to exceed one hundred seventy-five dollars;

(2)    In the opinion of the board, the applicant meets the qualifications required of an optometrist in this state at the time of the applicant's original licensure; and

(3)    The applicant has engaged in the practice of optometry for at least five consecutive years immediately preceding application under this section.

The board may require additional education, testing, or training before granting licensure if competency of any applicant is in question. Any applicant who has been denied a license by the board must reapply and meet all initial licensure requirements before the board may grant licensure.

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