36-9-87. Practice of a licensed clinical nurse specialist.

In addition to performing all those functions within the scope of practice of a registered nurse as provided in this chapter, the practice of a licensed clinical nurse specialist, by means of graduate education in nursing and additional clinical preparation which provides for knowledge, judgment, and skills beyond that required of a registered nurse licensed under this chapter, means to:

(1)    Provide advanced nursing assessment, nursing interventions, and nursing care management in a clinical specialty area in a variety of settings, by integrating the areas of education, research, consultation, and leadership into their clinical role;

(2)    Utilize advanced nursing skills and knowledge to coordinate and manage highly complex nursing care problems across settings, across disciplines and agencies, and throughout the life span in a clinical specialty area; and

(3)    In collaboration with a licensed physician, prior to care being provided, order and dispense durable medical equipment or therapeutic devices or refer clients to qualified licensed providers under title 36.

Nothing in this section would preclude the retail sale or rental of durable medical equipment as defined in § 10-45-1, or would prevent or restrict the practice, service, or activity of a person licensed in this state by any other law from engaging in the profession or occupation for which that person is licensed if that person is performing services within an authorized scope of practice.

Source: SL 1995, ch 217, § 10; SL 2021, ch 175, § 4.