36-9C-1    Definitions.

36-9C-2    License required to practice as certified professional midwife.

36-9C-3    Functions exempt from chapter.

36-9C-4    Qualifications for certified professional midwife.

36-9C-5    Practice controlled by Board of Certified Professional Midwives.

36-9C-6    Board of Certified Professional Midwives established.

36-9C-7    Members of board.

36-9C-8    Qualifications of board members--Initial appointments.

36-9C-9    Terms of office.

36-9C-10    Removal of member.

36-9C-11    Application for licensure--Issuance.

36-9C-12    Criminal background check.

36-9C-13    Practice in out-of-hospital setting.

36-9C-14    Actions excluded from practice of certified professional midwife.

36-9C-15    Duration of license--Renewal.

36-9C-16    Requirements for license renewal.

36-9C-17    Reinstatement of lapsed license.

36-9C-18    Inactive status.

36-9C-19    Fees.

36-9C-20    Midwife regulation fund.

36-9C-21    Initial minimum balance in midwife regulation account.

36-9C-22    Denial, revocation, or suspension for misconduct.

36-9C-23    Procedures for revocation or suspension.

36-9C-24    Examination of license holder or applicant by medical examiner.

36-9C-25    Appeal.

36-9C-26    Reissuance of revoked or suspended license.

36-9C-27    Prohibited conduct--Violation as misdemeanor.

36-9C-28    Violation by single act.

36-9C-29    Injunction.

36-9C-30    Temporary injunction.

36-9C-31    Injunction as alternative to criminal proceedings.

36-9C-32    Promulgation of rules.

36-9C-33    Informed consent document.

36-9C-34    Limitation of liability.

36-9C-35    Newborn screenings.

36-9C-36    Consultation with physician or facility.

36-9C-37    Review of birth registration and reportable information--Report of neonatal or maternal mortality.