36-11-16. Requirements for registration as pharmacist.

Any person of good moral character and temperate habits, not less than eighteen years of age, who is a graduate of a college of pharmacy recognized and approved by the board, and who has had the necessary experience as determined by the board in the practice of pharmacy under a regularly licensed pharmacist in a pharmacy where physicians' prescriptions are compounded and who shall pass a satisfactory examination prescribed by the State Board of Pharmacy, shall be entitled to a certificate of registration as a licensed pharmacist. The board shall have the authority to allow credit for suitable military and research activities in the field of pharmacy as part of the experience requirement.

Source: SDC 1939, § 27.1007; SL 1967, ch 102, § 9; revised pursuant to SL 1972, ch 15, § 4; SL 2020, ch 168, § 7.