36-12-1    Acts constituting practice of veterinary medicine.

36-12-2    Persons not considered engaged in practice of veterinary medicine.

36-12-2.1    36-12-2.1. Repealed by SL 1993, ch 280, § 1.

36-12-3    Board of examiners appointed--Qualifications of members--Terms of office.

36-12-4    Period of practice required for appointment to board.

36-12-5    36-12-5. Repealed by SL 2005, ch 199, § 37.

36-12-5.1    Lay member of board--Appointment and term of office.

36-12-6    Removal of board member.

36-12-7    Filling of vacancies on board.

36-12-8    Annual meeting and election of officers.

36-12-8.1    Executive secretary--Duties--Bond--Limitation on board's expenditures.

36-12-9    Quorum of board.

36-12-9.1    Board continued within Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources--Records and reports.

36-12-10    Records kept by secretary of board.

36-12-11    Fees used to pay expenses.

36-12-12    Application for license as veterinarian--Education requirement--Fee--Promulgation of rules.

36-12-13    Notice and scope of examination of applicants.

36-12-14    Issuance of licenses to qualified applicants.

36-12-15    Licensing on certification from another state--Fee.

36-12-16    Continuing validity of previously issued certificates--Recording of names.

36-12-17    Temporary student permits.

36-12-18    Temporary permits to applicants awaiting examination.

36-12-18.1    Temporary permits to certain graduates of nonaccredited colleges--Practice under supervision--Duration of permit.

36-12-19    Registration certificate required--Fee.

36-12-19.1    Continuing education requirement--Waiver--Promulgation of rules.

36-12-19.2    Maximum length of study--Attendance at course of study certified.

36-12-20    Forfeiture of license for failure to secure certificate--Restoration after forfeiture.

36-12-21    Display of license and annual certificate in office.

36-12-21.1    Employment of technicians authorized--Registration required.

36-12-21.2    Qualifications of technicians provided by rules and regulations.

36-12-21.3    Application for registry of technician--Contents--Fee.

36-12-21.4    Issuance of certificate for technician--Posting.

36-12-21.5    Annual renewal of technician's certificate--Fee--Default as forfeiture of certificate.

36-12-21.6    Supervision of technician by veterinarian--Promulgation of rules.

36-12-21.7    Maintenance of separate office by technician prohibited.

36-12-21.8    Veterinarian's responsibility for technician's acts.

36-12-22    Grounds for refusal, suspension, or revocation of license and certificate.

36-12-22.1    Revocation of technician's registration.

36-12-23    Statement preferring charges against licensee.

36-12-24    Procedure on revocation or suspension of license.

36-12-25    Judicial review on revocation of license.

36-12-26    Reinstatement after revocation of license.

36-12-27    Unauthorized practice of veterinary medicine as misdemeanor.

36-12-28    Injunction to prevent unauthorized practice--Employment of counsel--Election of remedies.

36-12-29    Severability of provisions.