36-18A-22. Board to promulgate rules--Scope of rules--Existing rules remain in effect.

The board shall, pursuant to chapter 1-26, promulgate rules that may be reasonably necessary for the performance of its duties, the regulation of proceedings before it, and the licensure of the professions it regulates. The existing rules promulgated under the previous chapter 36-18 remain in effect until replaced. The board shall promulgate rules, pursuant to chapter 1-26, for the licensure of professional engineers, architects, land surveyors, landscape architects, and petroleum release assessors and remediators in the following areas:

(1)    Forms such as applications, renewals, licenses or certificates, and receipts for applicants, licensed professionals, and business entities;

(2)    Fees for applications, examinations, renewals, late penalties, lists and labels of licensees, returned checks, reinstatement, inactive status, ability to allow a vendor to collect fees for examinations, waiver of fees;

(3)    Criteria for types of education degrees, approval of accredited programs, intern programs, type of experience, length of experience, national and state specific examinations, use of computer examinations, criteria from other countries, procedure to evaluate foreign degrees, eligibility of applicants, dual licenses;

(4)    Continuing professional education and development content, hours, carryovers, and requirements;

(5)    How, when, and where to seal plans and documents; type of seal; required services to be provided; and criteria to define complete plans, minimum standards of practice, and guidelines;

(6)    Description of and criteria for construction administration, including a designation of who is to perform construction administration and criteria for a prime professional or a coordinating professional;

(7)    Requirements for compliance with local building code; and

(8)    The adoption of a code of professional conduct.

Source: SL 1999, ch 195, § 22; SL 2007, ch 219, § 10; SL 2021, ch 168, § 25.