36-19-1    Definition of terms.

36-19-2    State Board of Funeral Service--Terms and qualifications of members--Vacancies.

36-19-3    Districts represented by board members.

36-19-3.1    36-19-3.1. Repealed by SL 1976, ch 234, § 3.

36-19-4    Oath of office of appointive members.

36-19-5    Removal of appointive members from board--Filling of vacancies.

36-19-6    Meetings of board--Quorum.

36-19-6.1    Board continued within Department of Health--Records and reports.

36-19-7    Compensation and expenses of board members, secretary and employees.

36-19-8    36-19-8. Repealed by SL 1982, ch 16, § 34.

36-19-9    Officers of board--Scope of rules--Bond required of treasurer.

36-19-10    Seal of board.

36-19-11    Fees paid to treasurer--Use of fees.

36-19-12    General duties of board with respect to licenses.

36-19-13    Qualifications of inspector employed by board.

36-19-14    License required to embalm, practice funeral service or maintain establishment.

36-19-15    36-19-15, 36-19-16. Omitted.

36-19-17    License issued to previously licensed funeral director.

36-19-18    Licenses issued to funeral service trainees.

36-19-19    36-19-19. Omitted.

36-19-20    Application for license to practice funeral service--Examination.

36-19-21    Requirements for funeral service license--Scope of examination.

36-19-22    Time and place of examination--Minimum grade--Preservation of papers.

36-19-23    National board certificate accepted in lieu of examination.

36-19-24    Licensing of licensee from another state.

36-19-25    Fees for issuance and renewal of funeral service license.

36-19-25.1    Validation of receipt of prior initial license fees--vested rights.

36-19-26    36-19-26. Repealed by SL 1977, ch 300, § 8.

36-19-27    Application for funeral establishment license--Fee--Licensee in charge.

36-19-28    Sanitation, ventilation, and equipment required for funeral establishment.

36-19-29    36-19-29. Repealed by SL 1991, ch 311, § 5.

36-19-30    Funeral establishment managed by licensed individual.

36-19-31    Annual inspection of funeral establishment.

36-19-32    Change of location or transfer of funeral establishment.

36-19-33    License to legal representative of deceased funeral establishment manager.

36-19-34    Association membership not required for license.

36-19-35    Signature and seal of licenses.

36-19-36    Licenses not transferable--Display in place of business.

36-19-37    Expiration and annual renewal of licenses--Fee.

36-19-38    Grounds for refusal, suspension or revocation of license.

36-19-39    36-19-39. Omitted.

36-19-40    Appeal from revocation, suspension or refusal of license.

36-19-41    Violation of chapter as misdemeanor.

36-19-41.1    Injunction to prevent violations--Election of remedies.

36-19-42    Severability of provisions.

36-19-43    Federal trade commission rules--Board's option to comply with.