36-20B-47. Appearance at hearing--Examination and presentation of witnesses and evidence--Subpoenas.

The respondent licensee shall appear at the hearing as required by § 36-1C-10. An individual with practice privileges granted under the provisions of § 36-20B-66 or 36-20B-67 may appear at the hearing in person or, in the case of a firm, through a partner, officer, director, shareholder, member, or manager, and by counsel, examine witnesses and evidence presented in support of the complaint, and present evidence and witnesses on the licensee's or an individual's own behalf. The licensee or an individual granted practice privileges under the provisions of § 36-20B-66 or 36-20B-67 is entitled, on application to the board, to the issuance of subpoenas to compel the attendance of witnesses and the production of documentary evidence.

Source: SL 2002, ch 179, § 48; SL 2009, ch 185, § 14; SL 2021, ch 168, § 32.