37-2-1    Discrimination between localities in selling price as misdemeanor.

37-2-2    Price differential to meet competition permitted.

37-2-3    Difference in selling prices as prima facie evidence of violation.

37-2-4    Remedies cumulative.

37-2-5    Definitions.

37-2-6    Promulgation of rules.

37-2-7    Examination and testing specifications and methods.

37-2-8    Analyses by qualified laboratory--Distillation test methods.

37-2-9    Thorough analysis not required--Rejection of product on finding of impurity or imperfection.

37-2-10    Substitution of spurious product for trade name product prohibited.

37-2-11    Display of signs and labels for product not sold at location prohibited--Decorative signs excepted.

37-2-12    Sale of substandard gasoline or motor fuel prohibited.

37-2-13    Antiknock index for gasoline and gasoline blends to be posted.

37-2-14    37-2-14. Repealed by SL 2014, ch 189, § 1.

37-2-15    Retailer not liable for purchase price of substandard product delivered--Recovery from wholesaler.

37-2-16    Violation as misdemeanor.

37-2-17    Reliance by retailer on guaranty provided by supplier--Knowledge of falsity--Liability of supplier.

37-2-18    Acting as agent of another not a defense.

37-2-19    Secretary of public safety as ex officio inspector--Trafficking in petroleum products prohibited.

37-2-20    Reinspection of products--Cancellation of approval or rejection if not in compliance.

37-2-21    Powers and duties of secretary of public safety, employees, and law enforcement officers--Access to premises and records--Information furnished by carrier employees.

37-2-22    Collection and analysis of samples--Publication of results.

37-2-23    37-2-23. Repealed by SL 2006, ch 202, § 5.

37-2-24    Administrative expenses paid from tax and license collections--Allocations from collections.

37-2-25    Sale of certain petroleum products on other than gross volume basis unlawful.

37-2-26    Substantially disabled may buy attendant-dispensed gasoline at self-service price.

37-2-27    37-2-27, 37-2-28. Repealed by SL 1993, ch 298, §§ 3, 4

37-2-29    Listing different motor fuel prices for cash or credit--Violation as misdemeanor.

37-2-30    Labeling of any gasoline containing oxygenate.

37-2-31    Declaration of oxygenate for labeling purposes.

37-2-32    37-2-32. Repealed by SL 2001, ch 211, § 2

37-2-33    Sale of products containing or treated with ether prohibited--Exception--Construction.

37-2-34    Definition of terms relating to sale of renewable motor fuels.

37-2-34.1    Ethanol blender pump defined.

37-2-35    Certain contract restrictions on the sale of renewable motor fuels prohibited.

37-2-36    Reasonable indemnification and insurance policies permitted.

37-2-37    Franchisee may not be prevented from selling renewable fuels in lieu of one grade of gasoline.

37-2-38    Violation as misdemeanor.

37-2-39    Labeling of motor fuel at retail fuel pump.

37-2-40    Documentation accompanying deliveries other than retail sale.

37-2-41    Refiners, importers, and producers--Federal requirements.

37-2-42    Distributors--Federal requirements.

37-2-43    Sales to consumers--Federal requirements.

37-2-44    Minimum octane rating grades of petroleum in certain counties.

37-2-45    Minimum octane rating grades of petroleum in all other counties.

37-2-46    Liability of retail dealer in petroleum products limited under certain conditions.