37-5-1    Coercion of dealer to force unwanted purchases as misdemeanor.

37-5-1.1    37-5-1.1. Omitted

37-5-2    Coercion of dealer to control sales or force expenditures as misdemeanor.

37-5-3    Unfair cancellation of dealer franchise as misdemeanor.

37-5-4    Civil liability for damages from violation.

37-5-5    Cancellation of contract--Recovery of costs and charges by dealer--Transfer of title and possession.

37-5-5.5    Reimbursement for computer and signage costs incurred under requirements of wholesaler, manufacturer or distributor.

37-5-6    Contracts subject to dealer's right to recovery of costs and charges on cancellation.

37-5-7    Determination of prices to be paid to dealer on cancellation of contract.

37-5-7.1    Time for payment of costs and charges to dealer--Final statement of account.

37-5-8    Failure to pay dealer on cancellation of contract--Action by dealer--Applicability of section.

37-5-9    Death of dealer--Repurchase of merchandise, parts, and attachments--Exercise of rights by heirs.

37-5-10    Current unused complete farm implements, machinery or attachments defined.

37-5-11    Restriction of jurisdiction or venue to out-of-state forum or requiring application of foreign law prohibited.

37-5-12    Waiver of law void.

37-5-12.1    Dealer defined.

37-5-12.2    Merchandise defined.

37-5-12.3    Contract defined.

37-5-12.4    Merchandise manufacturer or supplier compensation of dealer for diagnostic and warranty work.

37-5-13    Definition of terms used in §§ 37-5-13 to 37-5-15.

37-5-14    Certain circumstances not cause for termination of dealership contract or entering into new dealership contract.

37-5-15    Certain terms or conditions in dealership contract or lease prohibited--Not applicable to lease or sale of real property.

37-5-16    Definitions.

37-5-17    Manufacturer of outdoor power equipment required to compensate retailer for warranty work--Amount of compensation.

37-5-18    Inapplicability of §§ 37-5-16 and 37-5-17 where only method of sales is through retailer with exclusive trade territory.

37-5-19    Civil action for violation of chapter.