37-30-1    Definition of terms.

37-30-2    Sale of items associated with charity as solicitation--Includes offer or attempt to sell.

37-30-3    Solicitor to register with attorney general--Registration periods--Information to be provided by solicitor--Failure to register as misdemeanor.

37-30-4    Attorney general's approval of application required prior to solicitation--Period for review--Basis for denial of registration.

37-30-5    Applicant must file bond--Requirements as to bond--Failure to provide bond as misdemeanor.

37-30-6    Solicitation notice--Form and contents--Failure to comply as misdemeanor.

37-30-7    Contract between solicitor and charitable organization--Requirements--Failure to comply as misdemeanor.

37-30-8    Solicitor required to have written consent before permitted to use name of charitable organization--Failure to comply as misdemeanor.

37-30-9    Solicitor required to have written commitment where charitable organization agrees to accept donated tickets to an event--Failure to comply as misdemeanor.

37-30-10    Employee of paid solicitor--Requirements.

37-30-11    Solicitor required to file financial report--Time period--Form and contents--Failure to file reports as misdemeanor.

37-30-12    Solicitor required to maintain records--Time periods--Contents of records--Failure to keep records as misdemeanor.

37-30-13    Where solicitor sells tickets to an event--Record keeping requirements--Contents of records--Failure to comply as misdemeanor.

37-30-14    All funds to be deposited in bank account--Charitable organization to have sole or joint control--Failure to comply as misdemeanor.

37-30-15    Solicitor required to make written report as to material changes in filed information--Time requirements--Failure to comply as misdemeanor.

37-30-16    Prior conviction of felony or certain misdemeanors precludes operation as solicitor.

37-30-17    Misdemeanors involving knowing misrepresentations and false, misleading or unauthorized solicitation practices--Use of unregistered paid solicitor as misdemeanor.

37-30-18    Investigate by attorney general--Powers.

37-30-19    Power of attorney general to compel testimony--Use of such testimony in criminal proceedings prohibited--Exceptions.

37-30-20    Power of attorney general to deny, suspend or revoke registration of paid solicitor.

37-30-21    Power of attorney general to bring action for injunction--Restraint of violations.

37-30-22    Documents required to be filed--Status as public records--Exceptions.

37-30-23    "Automatic telephone dialing system" defined.

37-30-24    "Telephone solicitation" defined.

37-30-25    Registration as to intended use of automatic telephone dialing system--Failure to comply as misdemeanor.

37-30-26    Required contents of message--Failure to comply as misdemeanor.

37-30-27    Forbidden uses of automatic telephone dialing system--Failure to comply as misdemeanor.

37-30-28    Permissible hours as to use of automated telephone dialing system--Disconnection requirements--Failure to comply as misdemeanor.

37-30-29    Registrant responsible for automatic dialer requirements.