37-30A-1    Definitions.

37-30A-2    Required disclosures.

37-30A-3    Unreasonable telemarketer practices.

37-30A-4    Written confirmation of verbal agreement required.

37-30A-5    Contents of written confirmation.

37-30A-6    Terms of liability for goods or services.

37-30A-7    Right of cancellation for consumer.

37-30A-8    Excluded transactions.

37-30A-9    37-30A-9. Repealed by SL 1999, ch 227, § 10

37-30A-10    Additional excluded transactions.

37-30A-11    Return of goods within refund period--Duties of telemarketer who has received notice to cancel from consumer.

37-30A-12    Location of sale.

37-30A-13    Willful violation.

37-30A-14    Civil action permitted for willful violation.

37-30A-15    Other actions not affected.

37-30A-16    Violation as misdemeanor.

37-30A-17    Telemarketer must prove exemption.