01    State Department Of Agriculture And Natural Resources

02    Agricultural Experiment Stations [Transferred]

03    Agricultural Extension Services [Transferred]

04    Demonstration Farms [Repealed]

05    Agricultural Census And Statistics

06    Rural Rehabilitation Assets And Funds [Repealed And Transferred]

07    Division Of Resource Conservation And Forestry

07A    Shelterbelts [Repealed]

08    Conservation Districts

08A    Soil Erosion And Sediment Damage Control

09    Weather Modification Activities [Transferred]

10    Wheat Development And Promotion

11    State Seed Certification Board

12    Agricultural And Vegetable Seed Standards And Labeling [Repealed]

12A    Seed Standards And Labeling

13    Hybrid Seed Corn [Repealed]

14    Discrimination In Purchase Of Grain And Flaxseed [Repealed]

14A    Flax Research Fee [Repealed]

15    Potato Grades And Standards [Repealed]

16    Wholesale Potato Dealers [Repealed]

17    Crop Liens

18    Apiaries

19    Commercial Fertilizer

19A    Soil Amendments

20    Pest Control Activities

20A    Pesticides

21    Agricultural Pesticide Application

22    Weed And Pest Control

23    Horticulture [Repealed]

24    Nursery Stock And Plant-Pest Control [Repealed]

24A    Plant Quarantine And Treatment

24B    Nursery Stock And Plant Pest Control

25    Forestry [Transferred]

26    Forest Insect And Disease Control [Transferred]

27    Oilseeds Council And Assessments

28    Agricultural Grain Marketing [Repealed]

29    Soybean Research And Promotion Council

30    Honey Industry Commission [Repealed]

31    Devices For Measuring Moisture And Protein Content [Repealed]

32    Corn Utilization Council

33    Pork Commission

34    Pulse Crops

35    Industrial Hemp